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Johnny Manziel take embroidered with brown badge cap and slowly walked on stage with his #1 cheap Browns jerseys, listening to the scenes of the" Johnny! Johnny! Johnny!" Sound, he raised his hands to pose for the iconic "counting" gestures, smiling and President Roger Goodell hug. Step down, he was surrounded by hundreds of fans brown, touching someone shaking hands is numerous, hazel said congratulations to man.

Starting line 3 jaguar, there are at least five teams are likely to choose him and the #1 cheap NFL jerseys, and whenever a team choose other man, cameraman will with "malicious" to give him a shot, he was barely a smile, with the passage of time, the basic is each choose a person to give later hazel a lens, although zell himself will also be able to smile, but around his girlfriend has not exude hid embarrassed expression. This time all over the world take the lottery as a reality show, zell as ten years ago and the man I'm blue in the face of Aaron - Rogers.

Until no. 22 brown announced and eagles make a deal, after they successfully get the sign bit, brown is known around the world to choose the quarterback, is also very likely to choose zell, at this time, hazel face was restored with the camera also timely give a lot in zell shirt brown fans, they're all Shouting "Johnny! Johnny! Johnny!" . Read out when goodall, hazel's full name, the opening scene appeared, hazel breathes a sigh of relief at this time, the stage before you make the iconic gestures are more like to miss his cheap jerseys team.

Before the draft, the negative news about Mr Hauser emerge in endlessly, when I was in college before coming out of "signature" and so on malignant events, recently about Mr Zell don't want to Texas (university of his Alma mater, home to Texas a&m) of the cheap jerseys team news, it hurt a lot of local fans, also let a lot of the general manager felt hazel can be a "thorn head", the future will bring unnecessary trouble.

Mr Zell bring to brown? Sultry running, accurate passing, enough, these are not comprehensive, his charisma is perhaps the brown's lack of something. Lens to local draft party to Cleveland, when announced, hazel is selected, thousands of fans in the party like fry pan, they look like brown won the super bowl to celebrate, we look at cheap jerseys history will know, how much they need such a quarterback.

Since 2002, they never reached the playoffs, in the American league north this brutal partition, they are not all the year round is the most competitive team, 3 or 4 wins of the cheap browns jerseys season for they have become accustomed to, they are too eager to become a playoff contender.

Al north into the steelers now, crow collective reconstruction, tiger not the status quo of the playoffs for years, can say now is the best time to brown Deus ex, this is the best man zell prove practical. Perhaps many years later he can like Tom brady and Aaron Rogers, to overcome all had missed his cheap jerseys team, let the team to regret.

Drafted in 2007, with a first round pick 22 brown chose Brady Quinn, took three years to prove that he is gray.

Drafted in 2012, with a first round pick 22 chose brown Brandon Weeden, spent a year to prove himself is gray.

Drafted in 2014, with a first round pick 22 chose John brown nyman zell, the result will be how to again?